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Hyeon-Joo In ‘BloodHounds’ Actress Name, Who Plays?

Who Plays Hyeon-Joo In ‘BloodHounds’: Hyeon-Joo plays an important role in the series. She used to work for President Choi and collect debts from people who had taken loans from Mr. Choi. However, one day she finds out that someone is scamming them and is part of a larger group. So, she decides to expose him and retrieve her money.

Will she be able to fight him and get her money back? You can find out by watching the series on Netflix. In this article, I am going to tell you the name of the actress who played the role of Hyeon-Joo in the series.

South Korean actress Kim Sae-Ron is playing the role of Hyeon-joo in the latest action drama. She is a very popular actress and made her debut at the very young age of 9. She has also won the award for Best Actress at the 8th Korean Film Awards for her role in the film “The Man From Nowhere”.

Her film “A Brand New Life” also premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, making her the youngest actress to walk the red carpet. Some of her other works include Nobody Knows (2020), Snowy Road (2015), and A Girl At My Door (2014).

Now, in 2023, you can see her in the latest Netflix production, BloodHounds.



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