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‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Movie Based On True Story?

Lifeline’s original film ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ streamed on the Platform on 14th Jan. 2023, the film is getting lots of buzz since its release due to its titles and the Author of the book on which the film is based, Many of you were asking about the real story behind the film and here we are going to tell you the same.

Now coming to the topic, the biggest question that comes into mind after watching the film is whether ‘‘How to Murder Your Husband’ is based on a true story or not? Here we are going to clear all your doubts.

The movie is based on the book written by Nancy Crampton Brophy’, The film revolves around Nancy Crampton who is a writer who writes the story of Killing her own husband, things go upside down when she is charged with her own husband’s murder, and the film revolves around this story.

Now coming to the Plot, The film is not fully based on a Real story but most Part of it is inspired from the Real life incidents, the film is based on Novel Writer ‘Nancy Crampton Brophy’ murdering her own husband and in the Real too, ‘Nancy’ is charged and found guilty for Killing her own husband, Although the Plot of the real and reel life is not same.

So, we can say that the film is not fully based on the Real story, but a large Part of it is Inspired from the Real life Incidents. What do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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