High Review Mx Player: Mx Player original web series High is now released on the platform, the trailer created lots of Buzz and here we are going to review the web series, we would also talk about the plot, performances, parents guide, and few other details.

The web series stars Akshay Oberoi is the main lead role, the series also stars some great actors like Sweta BASU Prasad, Prakash Belwadi, and others, now let’s jump to the full review of the series.

  • Name Of The Series – HIGH
  • Platform: Mx Player
  • Genre: Drama Thriller
  • Parents Guide: Don’t Watch It With Kids or Family


The story of the web series mainly revolves around Shiva Mathur, Akshay Oberoi plays Shiv Mathur, Shiva Mathur is a drug addict and he takes a lot of drugs in almost every way, one-day shiv Mathur goes critically ill due to the overdose of drugs and his friends send him to a rehab, after going to rehab he found a pill which he has not used till date, he feels that if this drug is sold as drugs in the market, Then there will be great benefit. Together with the people of rehab, he supplies the drugs in the market but the problem comes when he gets caught in the clutches of the local drug mafia, is he able to run his business of drugs or do anything else, to know this, you have to watch a series of 9 episodes on MX player.


What To Say About Akshay Oberoi, his journey from the television industry’s cute boy to the bad boy in the web series has been quite spectacular, after eros now’s flash web series, he back with another big bang, Once again, he has come to shock you with his acting. He is just mindblowing again. Acting is only one aspect of the series, due to which the series can be seen, there is nothing special in the rest of the web series, Ranveer Shore also plays an important role in the series, and his work is also very good as always. The work of other actors of the series such as Sveta Basu Prasad, Prakash Bellwadi, and Kunal Nayak is fine, overall, despite the poor script, the actors have done a great job.

Screenplay & Others

The story and screenplay of the series are very weak, the series is very slow from the first episode and gets boring going forward, the series has been dragged too long and there are lots of unnecessarily scnes, the editing of the series is also very bad. The series does not keep you tied and it loses its grip, I believe the series could have been finished in 5 episodes, but the series has been dragged on a long way, Except few things the story of the series also feels old.


I am going with the 2 out of 5 stars for the series, I did not like the series much and I would not recommend it to you at all, but if you are still a fan of Akshay Oberoi and want to watch this series then you can go to MX player You can watch for free, there are 9 episodes in the web series.

This was Our High Review, what are your opinion about the series? please let us know ion the comment section, for more posts, updates, and reviews like this stay tuned with us.


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