Serious Men Review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui is back again with Netflix and as you all know it is probably the second-best pair after Radhika Apte and Netflix. The pairing has churned out one of the finest films of the year. Yes, we are talking about Serious Men which is directed by Sudhir Mishra. The movie is an official adaptation of the novel by Manu Joseph.


The movie starts off by introducing us to the life of our main character Ayyan Mani who is a Dalit by caste. Why did we mention this particular detail about his caste? Well because he himself has been brought up like this and has faced the heat and burden due to his caste all his life.

Mani is a Tamil Dalit and works as assistant for an astrophysicist Arvind Acharya who is a bully against Mani. He continuously belittles him by saying words like moron, Imbecile etc. He always shouts at Mani, who in turn keeps irritating him by speaking with Acharya in Tamil which he dislikes because, well again due to casteism.

Ayyan Mani is a type of person who has his goals straight and with his impeccable sense of humor he gets out of any situation with the help of his clever and sharp wit. He does things like removing the name from the bottom of the quote and adding a new name to the same quote to present it as new in his office.

According to him, he has suffered enough due to his caste and limited opportunities but he has one goal in his mind which is to give his child the best. His dream comes true when his 11-year-old boy turns out to be a maths prodigy. To cash in his son’s newfound popularity, Mani keeps weaving stories after stories to earn more fame, and how much of it is true becomes hard to tell after a period of time for anyone.

Screenplay and Direction

The storyline of the movie is crisp and fast-paced, it doesn’t bore you and of course if Nawaz is onscreen you just cannot get bored. But again, taking nothing away from the script as the movie completely justifies the book from which it has been adapted and adds a natural flavor of it’s know.

Sudhir Mishra’s direction is just fantastic as he doesn’t let the movie fall flat in any scene. Serious Men’s direction and storyline both is fantastic and entertaining from start to finish.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a gem and if you not believe it than please watch this movie. His role of Ayyan Mani is different from everything he has done so far, the way which he carried the movie from start with his dry humour and comic timing till the end with maintaining the pace between emotions is just brilliant. Nassar is a legendary figure in Indian Cinema and has done a wonderful job here as well. All the other cast members have also done their job beautifully.

Final Words

Serious Men is one of the best movies to come out in recent times and all the credit goes to Sudhir Mishra who has perfectly adapted the novel and given his own touch in the film. With the dialogues so refreshing and Nawaz on the top of it essaying it with his natural comic timing, the movie is entertaining throughout it’s runtime.

Serious Men also put the light in the education system of India and Indian parents’ age-old norm of putting their children through the failures of themselves. We have seen that most of the children do something in their career because their parents wanted them too and the movie brilliantly showcases it.

Ayyan Mani though realizing this late that he has been doing this con to vent his frustration of his life and one false step will hamper both of their lives. But all ends well. Do watch the movie.

Our rating:- 4 stars

Review By: Ayush

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