Gus in “Sweet Tooth”: Gus is a lead character in this post-apocalyptic fantasy drama series. He is a deer-like hybrid boy, very sweet and charming, and only 10 years old but tries to save everybody. As many users want to know about this little boy, here we are going to discuss him and later provide character explanations of Gus from Netflix’s show “Sweet Tooth.”

The character Gus is played by Christian Convery, a 13-year-old American-Canadian child actor who became famous after the first season of “Sweet Tooth” launched on Netflix. Later, he did a very popular movie named “Cocaine Bear” (2023). Apart from this, he also did lots of famous movies like “The Tiger Rising” (2022), “Pup Academy” (2019), “Playing with Fire” (2019). He also acted in Venom.

In the series, Gus is a 10-year-old deer-like hybrid little boy. In season 2, it is clear that he came into the world before the virus. Gus was created by Dr. Gertrude Miller aka Birdie, who is also his mother, but he was raised by Pubba aka Richard after he lost him. Then he met “The Big Man” aka Jepperd, and with Jepperd, he started his journey to find out his mom Birdie.

The breathtaking journey of this sweet boy unveils lots of mysteries about the virus outbreak. He also met other hybrid kids and became friends with them. In this season, we also came to know about some mysterious abilities of Gus. He can see visions that happened in the past and also what is going to happen in the future.

Hope you got all the idea about Gus and his character abilities. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments.


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