Netflix’s latest historical military war drama action film, “Narvik,” is written and directed by Erik Skjoldbaerg and follows the story, which is set in the 1940s and focuses mainly on the small town named Narvik as this town is the most important source of iron ore for the war machine.

In this article, I will tell you everything about the main lead character, Gunnar Tofte, and whether he is a real person or only fictionalized in the film, along with what his role during the war was. All the details about him are included in this article. If you want to watch this film, read my review and decide whether it is worth watching or not.

In this film, we see the main lead character named Gunnar Tofte, and the actor who played this role is Carl Martin Eggesbo. Besides that, this character, which we see in this film, is modified to feel real because this character is not the real soldier during the Second World War, as this film changes the real identity.

Aside from that, Gunnar Tofte plays Ingrid Tofta’s husband, and he is a member of the Norway Guard who is captured by German forces and is now a prisoner of war. The real incident, on the other hand, feels similar to this character, which they altered to appear genuine.

This is all the information I have about the main lead character, Gunnar Tofte, and his work during those events. All details are included in this article.



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