Greek Salad Season 01 Episode 4 Summary & Ending Explained: “Greek Salad” is now available on Amazon Prime in French with English and Hindi subtitles. In this article, I will tell you the summary and ending explanation of the series, so let’s get started. The episode starts with Mia in her room, still thinking about the incident of her r@@pe, where she was saved by “Reem.”

Mia is not talking about this incident to anyone, not even to “Noam.” On the other side, Tom is still down with the thoughts of his breakup and decides that he needs to go to New York. Kristos later approaches Mia and again requests a patch-up, and he doesn’t seem to be conscious of the act he has done earlier.

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“Pippo,” a friend of Guilie, finds out that Barbora, another friend in their group, is doing s3x cam videos. He goes into her room to check for more about it, and when Barbora enters the room, he threatens her to reveal everyone about it and wants something in return to keep this secret safe. Barbora manages to undress Pippo and films him, and then blackmails him about the video so that he doesn’t tell anyone about Barbora’s secret.

Meanwhile, Tom and Mia are at the cafe near the building. There they get to know from the owner that this building used to be a music school, where their grandmother “Galatea” used to teach music. They both refuse and tell him that their grandmother’s name is “Margarette,” and she is English.

The owner reveals that the building was bought in 1975 just before Galatea and their grandfather gave birth to a son, which reveals that they might have a step-uncle for all these years living somewhere. Mia and Tom start looking for Galatea and eventually find her, who reveals that she and their grandfather “George” never married. When asked about her son, she gets sick, and Tom and Mia need to leave, but still, they manage to get a picture of their step-uncle.

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Mia was finding a way if they can somehow cancel the sale of the building due to the involvement of their step-uncle, but the lawyer tells Mia that this cannot happen, so she refuses the plan to see her step-uncle when asked by Tom later. Tom finds his step-uncle, but upon meeting him, he refuses to see him or his family ever again as they are not their family. Meanwhile, Pippo and Barbora start to gain feelings for each other and get into a physical relationship.

Later, everyone joins a queer party where Tom asks Guilie to have a picture with him, which he can share with Lily to make her jealous. And as he was about to send the picture to Lily, he sees that Lily has uploaded some pictures of her with Josh, implying that they are in a relationship.

The episode ends here.



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