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Girl Who Meet Hyung-seok In Store | Lookism | Can She Also Switch Body? | Netflix

Girl Who Meets Hyung-Seok In Store: If you have watched the Netflix original Anime Drama show carefully, You must have figured out that there was someone else apart from Hyung-Seok who can switch the Body, If you missed that, here we are going to tell you everything about that.

Remember the Girl who meets Hyung-Seok First Body in the store? She was different from everyone else and she treated the Hyung-Seok nicely, She came there thrice and each time she gifted something to Hyung-Seok and treated him nicely.

The name of the girl who meets Hyung Seok (First Body) in the store is Choi Su-Jeong, and she has also the Power to switch the bodies, this was secret till the last episode but everything was cleared in the last episode.

In the last minutes of the episodes, we get to see that, Choi Su-Jeong is also switching her body and when she left her bed, another girl was sleeping there.

Hope this clears your confusion about the Girl who meets Hyung Seok in the store!

What do you think about it? and who else do you think has the Power to Switch Bodies in the show?, Please let us know in the comments.



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