Girl In The Closet Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Girl In The Closet movie is now available on Lifetime in the English language with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The movie starts with Patricia, who is throwing the tenth birthday party for her daughter Cameron, but as soon as she knew that her elder sister Mia is coming she becomes a little disappointed because after their mother’s death, she lived with Mia and her other siblings lived with her grandmother, so she knew about Mia’s nature more than others.

Recap & Summary

So she wanted to keep her daughter away from Mia, and Cameron is also not allowed to take gifts from Aunt Mia after the party both mother and daughter used to pray and her mother told her that she is not alone god is with her.

The next day Patricia Collapses in the kitchen and after a check-up, the doctors inform the family that it’s an aneurysm, and she has to live in a coma for 3 weeks, meanwhile, Mia and her husband Chris brutally abuse their maid, they put her hand in the burning stove just because she broke a vase by mistake. As soon as Mia came to know about Patricia’s condition she goes to the hospital to take custody of Cameron and Patricia unaware of that allowed her to think that she is trying to help her out.

As soon as Cameron reached Mia’s house she was locked in the basement, with Nancy (The Maid), and two others, Joanne and Harland. She told her that Mia, Chris, and their daughter Angela treat them inhumanly, like beating over small things and they also used to sell them for s#x work, that’s why Nancy and Joanne were both pregnant.

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Josh Goodman and Gail are social workers, and Patricia takes one year in recovery, even after that she could not get her daughter back, and by looking into Mia’s record Josh and Gail came to know that she has a criminal record, for hitting a man with a hammer and then closing him into a closet with resulted in his death, Josh goes t
o Mia’s house and she told her to come back tomorrow.

But the next day he was shocked to know that Mia with her family had moved away from there, he informs this to Patricia which broke her heart into pieces.

Ending Explained

In the end, we came to know that Nancy is dead because she tried to escape and the couple beat her to death leaving her naked in the basement for days, after knowing this they again started leaving there and returning to Atlanta.

Cameron is locked in the closet for 3 days without any food or water, and Mia tells her that she has done this to make her strong. But their landlord appears there as people are complaining they are very noisy and a strange smell is coming from their house, as soon as he unlocked the basement he founds Cameron there, and he informed the police about that and they saved Cameron. And Patricia came running there to hug her daughter and they cried.

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Five years later Mia applies for early parole, but Cameron tells the jury that she is so evil, in her testimony and Mia is not granted early Parole and the movie ends.



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