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Gila Wolfson Rough Diamonds: Who Plays?, Actress Name, Character Explained

Marie Vinck plays Gila Wolfson, the widow of Yankie. Gila is the wife of Yankie, who is devastated after the death of her husband. She has three young kids. After Noah returns to Antwerp, it is revealed that Noah and Gila had a past when they were about to get married, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, Noah left for London, and Noah’s brother Yankie married Gila. Gila is still upset with Noah about the thing and refuses to engage even for small talk with him.

Tommy and Gila’s children become good friends as time passes by, and Noah comes and goes to Gila’s house frequently. Once Gila kisses Noah, proving she still has feelings for him. This was the time when Noah was hooking up with another girl called Marie. When Gila comes to know about Marie, she feels jealous, and Noah tries to convince her by saying she is just a neighbor.

On the other hand, Gila is getting proposals for her second marriage. She bumps into Yehuda in a supermarket, who is also single, and expresses his desire to marry Gila. One night, Noah and Gila get intimate, and Gila says she is ready to move to London with him. After Noah gets arrested in the diamond robbery case all her dreams het shattered and she decides to marry Yehuda and move to New York by starting a new life.



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