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Noah In Rough Diamonds: Who Plays? Actor Name – Character Explained

Noah In Rough Diamonds: Rough Diamonds is a Flemish original series that premiered on Netflix in April. It features an ensemble cast with a huge number of Belgian actors. This article explains the real and reel names of characters and their character development.

Kevin Janssens plays Noah Wolfson, the eldest son of the Wolfson family, and the son of Ezra and Sarah. Noah has abandoned his family because he doesn’t believe in his father’s principles and ideologies. He believed that his father would not let him become what he wanted and instead imposed his wishes on him, leading to a miserable life. Noah not only leaves his family but also leaves his fiancée Gila for the same reasons. Noah’s brother Yankie fills in the place of Noah and marries Gila, providing her with a new life.

After Yankie’s death, Noah returns to Antwerp after a long time and realizes that his family is in a deep debt mess caused by Yankie, which led to him committing suicide. Noah then decides to stay in Antwerp along with his kid Tommy upon Adina’s request and tries to bring the broken family back together. Ezra hates Noah, whereas Noah is hell-bent on finding the people who caused this damage to his family.

In the meantime, Tommy’s grandma Kerra comes to his place as Noah was not ready to return back to London despite repeated calls. Noah also promises Gila that he would take her to London, and they both can lead a happy life together. You can watch Kevin in Films Like The Room, Patrick and Revenge.



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