General Abbot in “Sweet Tooth Season 2” :: General Abbot is the main antagonist of this series from S1 to S2. He runs the “The Last Man” military group and tries to seize everything. As people want to know more about him, let’s know more with character explanations.

In the series, General Abbot is played by Neil Sandilands. He is a 47-year-old South African actor. He has done movies like “Proteus” (2003), “Coyote Lake” (2019), “News of the World” (2020), and “The Price of Sugar” (2013). He has also done series like “Hap and Leonard” (2016-2018).

In the series, General Abbot is the main antagonist. We saw how evil his mind was. He was trying to kill all hybrids and make a vaccine. He believed that hybrids were behind the virus outbreak. In the series, we saw how he tried to rule the world with his new plan “Evergreen” project, which is a safe place to live a life of safety. In the last fight with Gus, he was killed by a bison that came up by the shouting of Gus.

This is how the chapter and story of General Abbot ended. This is all about General Abbot. For more information, please leave a comment.



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