Gary Golding Networth, Age, Wife, Instagram, Wiki: Naked and Afraid the hit survival show is back again, the show format is very simple where the survivalist have to remain in extreme conditions for 21 days, left with only one gear of their choice.

They have to hunt for food and make shelters for themselves each day getting harder and harder, and if their partner decides to quit the other one will also get eliminated. In this article we are going to talk about one such player Gary Golding, so let’s get started.

He was appeared in 6 season of the show having completed 140 days in the show and he is also known as “Modern Day Tarzan of L.A.” He is known for his survival skills and can survive in any condition which makes him fit for the show, he has travelled to many countries to live in the extreme conditions and climate like in extreme heat of Brazil.

He has also a tattoo on his back which he also uses as his slogan like a war cry which says “For the children and the animals of the world”. He has also his youtube channel where he teaches various survival skills and to eat organic thinks and includes clips of him fishing, swimming in open oceans, gathering honey for beehives and many more, as of now he is 40 year old.

He was such a strong and tough guy just because he has started learning all these things from a very early age, and his father and grandfather also used to do these things, he is very close to his family and spends his most of the time with them.

Talking about his Instagram he has almost 10k followers with 97 posts, where he shows how he spends time with family and charity works he used to do.

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