The latest movie is now streaming on Netflix in multiple languages, including Hindi. In this article, we are going to tell you the ending of the movie, but before starting, we would like to warn you that this article contains heavy spoilers. If you want to watch the movie first, you can do so. For the rest of you, let’s start.

The movie starts with a company named Aeon, which claims that it can give a new life to people. In exchange for that, they are also giving them a large amount of money. Actually, they are testing their anti-aging serum, and if they find an identical donor, they use this serum on them, which takes many years from their life. As a result, a group called Adam Organisation is against this experiment. One of the best employees of the company is Max, who is in an important position. However, one day the group burns down the buildings of the company, resulting in 38 years being taken from Max’s wife, Elena’s life, by the company.

Now, Max wants justice, and the next day he also comes to know that Elena was pregnant, but the baby died due to this experiment, and Elena also started looking old. So he kidnaps Sophie Theissen, who is the CEO of the company, thinking that she has taken Elena years to make herself look younger. Now, Sophie’s bodyguard is trying to find Max, and Max has found a doctor on the black market to give back his wife’s years.

But it turns out that he has kidnapped the wrong person, and she was actually Sophie’s younger daughter, Marie. However, Marie is also not in support of her mother and her company. Now, Lilith, the leader of the Adam Organisation, comes there and kidnaps them. It turns out that it was also Elena’s plan, and she knew already about it.

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She came to know that Sophie is a perfect donor for her, so she set all this up, making Max the head manager and stealing years from Sophie. Now, Lilith takes them to a building, and Max comes out with a deal with Aeon, where he wants his wife’s years back. But after a conversation between the Aeon guys and Adam Organisation, who are hiding there, they start shooting each other.

The Ending

Max somehow frees Marie, and with Elena, he comes out from there and gets into a car. Elena has changed her mind and decided to give Marie’s years to Sophie because inside the building when Lilith asked her to kill Elena, she didn’t think twice and pulled the trigger. However, the gun was without bullets, so she was not able to kill her. Now, they go back to that black market doctor, and there he forcefully injects Marie. Now, cut to a scene where Sophie is lying on the corner of the road and is seen by a truck driver, and Max is in some refugee camp.

The next day, we see Marie starting to age. Cut to a few years later, Max is now the leader of Adam’s Organisation, and we see Sophie, who is looking younger now. The movie ends on a cliffhanger, so you can expect the next part as well.



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