Uncle From Another World, also known as Isekai Ojisan has released its 7th Episode titled “As You Can See, SEGA Games are very helpful in Life!” the Episode maintained the dark comedy and with it, also showed us some advancements not only in the Magic side but also to the ROMANTIC angle between Takafumi & Fujimiya.

The award for this EPISODE goes to Takafumi who not only seemed like he has mastered the craft of Magic in one go after he borrows magic temporarily from Uncle when he spots Fujimiya with some guy and decided to check that guy out so he can be sure if that guy is the right fit for her.

What follows after is the portrayal of the madness and blindness of someone who has been given immense magic power. Well, it was a bit dark but hilarious in which the show excels.

The Episode also gave us development in the romance between Fujimiya & Takafumi when they’re talking in a classroom all alone and revisit a memory of childhood where Takafumi came to rescue Fujimiya and both of them were surprised to see what had happened in childhood but in the end, Fujimiya decided to take the rails and said something flattering to Takafumi and bam, the train is officially moving now.

Well, what happens later is all for us to witness what happens in the Upcoming Episodes.



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