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Fall Movie Review: Exhilarating & Doesn’t Let You Stray Away

Fall Movie Review: Fall, an American Survival Thriller Drama has been released on VOD recently after making its way to the Big Screen on 12th August 2022 and getting some really good reviews. The film has made some big waves when it comes to audience rating because it has been rated more than 10K times so which means the film has reached the general public. However, we’re going to review the film for you.

After Becky’s husband falls from the mountain while climbing along with her and Becky’s best friend Hunter, Becky goes into depression and tries to find solace in drinking while Hunter runs away because she finds it too hard to deal with.

Upon her arrival one day, Hunter proposes the idea of climbing the B67 TV Tower which is the 4th longest landmark in The US but is stranded in the middle of the desert.

She approaches Becky with the idea that this will help Becky get back up and she agrees to that idea and also scatters his husband’s ashes from the top of the tower. Upon reaching the top of the tower, they’re stuck there when the ladder they climbed up on breaks, the whole ladder of 2000 feet breaks down and they’re on the top with nothing.


The film does not even let you take a breath of relief once the two of them are stuck on the tower and it’s not the second half of the film that this happens. It happens in the first half itself and it’s thrilling to its very core.


The two women are stuck on a 2000 feet TV Tower and that is the view you get. The film has been shot so tremendously that you will be amazed at the shots. Not only that, the camera work for the rest of the scenes is just too good.

Not too long

The runtime of the film is 1 Hour 42 Minutes which is not too long but the film does not even let you astray the film will be over very soon and you wouldn’t even feel it.

Strong Female Characters

In this age of Feminism and women’s portrayal where we see women characters getting assigned where sometimes they just do not fit. This film is a great example of how to do it. The female characters are just brilliant in what they’ve done and this is the way to do it if you’re going to do women’s portrayal in leading roles.

Weak Pointers

For a thriller film, you need strong music and that’s where it also wins. However, the music for the film isn’t extraordinary but with so much thrill and amazing scenes happening that you just forget about the music and whatever is playing, its apt for the scene.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Survival Films are just great because it is during times of adversity, you realize your true potential and what you’re capable of.

This film is a triumph because it successfully does that and with that, continues to grab your seats with your eyes wide and glued to the screen. This is a definite MUST-WATCH.



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