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Uncle From Another World Episode 5 Recap, Story Ending Explained

Uncle From Another World Episode 5 Recap: Uncle From Another World also known as Isekai Oji-san released its 5th Episode after a week’s break because of increasing COVID infections in their Office. However, the Episode upon its return was one that was well waited for.

The Episode can be thought of as a nightmare for people who love to predict what’s going to happen next because that’s what this Episode kept throwing at us. Unexpected plot within a story and the next thing you know, it moved on to completely different.

The Episode focuses on a story of how Uncle was assassinated this one time in the “Another World” and we come to know from the footage that it was the ice clan princess whom Uncle had motivated in a wrong way that she turned all the villagers to the ice with her power. It seems that she tried to kill him because he didn’t take the sword with him to slay the dragon and that turned the villagers to deem her useless.

We also see that when she was unconscious, Uncle gave her a ring on her ring finger letting her think that he had married her in sleep. When she realizes that Uncle has only given it to her so she can sell it and live happily with the money, she tries to kill him again.

In the end, this Uncle gets frozen by the ice clan princess, and the elf and her start talking. Uncle keeps going with his story that seems to be going terribly with horrible recollections of how Uncle was mistreated in the “Another World” Takafumi asks for a break and they all enjoy the time in between.



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