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Florida Man Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained | Netflix

Florida Man Episode 6 Summary & Ending Explained: The show follows the story of Ramirez, a former police officer who struggles with a compulsive gambling habit. After leaving his life in another state behind, he returns to Florida to search for Delly, the girlfriend of his mob boss who has gone missing.

There are a total of 7 episodes in the series, and so far, we have covered Episode 5, Episode 4, and Episode 3 recap of the series. You can also read them before reading for better understanding and better connection of dots. Here goes the Episode 6 recap and ending explanation. In the sixth episode of the thrilling drama series, the plot reveals various characters’ secrets.

The episode begins with Mike discovering a gun in his room, which immediately raises suspicion and tension. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ross is responsible for the death of Delly’s father in Chicago, which spreads hatred between Delly and Ross. As if that’s not enough drama, Mike’s ex-wife, Iris, comes to meet him.

News reporter Kaitlin Fox also arrives in Florida and files a case against Mike. Despite all the chaos, Delly and Ross invite Mike for lunch, and things quickly spiral out of control as they argue over Delly’s father’s death. Kaitlin now finds out that Mike and her father have been smuggling drugs on the beach, which prompts her to investigate further. Later, Delly and Ross meet with Mike for lunch, but tensions rise again as their conversation turns heated. This leads to an argument that Ross now knows about Mike’s family, which adds a new layer of complexity to the already convoluted situation.

In the evening, Mike’s brother-in-law invites Ross over for dinner, but no one knows what to expect from the gathering. Mike’s sister tells everything that happened and how she is suffering since she saw her mother shoot herself. Everything gets messed up. They all leave Patsy’s (Mike’s sister’s) house. Now, everyone is going on Gil’s boat, searching for the gold. Their mission ends when the police arrest Mike.

And the 6th episode ends with this.




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