Flip, Nemo, Peter In Slumberland: Much awaited Netflix original Kids’ Drama film Slumberland was released a few days back on Netflix, The actors did a phenomenal job, and here goes the real name of the actors Playing the role of Flip, Nemo, and Peter in the film.


Flip is one of the main lead characters from the Netflix Movie Slumberland, Actor Jason Momoa Played the role of Flip, Flip is a con artist and is also part of Nemo’s Father’s Fantasy story. He’s searching for a Map.

Jason Momoa is an American actor, He was seen in films like “Aquaman”, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”, “Dune”, “Sweet Girl” and HBO Hit Series “Game Of Thrones” and Apple TV Series “See”.


Nemo is one of the main lead characters from Netflix Movie Slumberland, Actress Marlow Barkley Played the role of Nemo, Nemo is a young girl who loves to dream that’s how she meets Flip.

Marlow Barkley is an american actress, She was seen in ABC sitcom “Single Parents”, also give her voice in Nickelodeon’s animated series “The Loud House”. She is also staring in Ryan Reynolds upcoming movie “Spirited”.


Peter is one of the supporting characters from Netflix Movie Slumberland, Actor Kyle Chandler played the role of Peter, Peter is a Lighthouse keeper, Peter Died in the starting of the movie but their is some mystery around this.

Kyle Chandler is an american actor, He was seen in films like “Godzilla Vs Kong”, “Godzilla: king of the monsters”, “The wolf of wall Street”, “King Kong”, and Web series “Bloodline”, “Mayor Of Kingstown” and more.



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