Arknights Prelude to Dawn Episode 5 : Arkinights Prelude to Dawn is a Japanese animated action-adventure fantasy drama series that is an adaptation of the Arknights video game produced by Yostar Pictures, here is an update about the Next episode release date

This anime is directed by Yuki Watanabe, and the story follows natural disasters in Terra, episode 4 was released last week and it was loved by the audiences, now all eyes are on episode 5 of the show.

In Episode 5, we see that after the natural disasters in Terra due to unknown causes, the majority of people are moving to mobile cities to live so that their development takes more time.

The scene shifts, and we see Rhodes Island, which is a pharmaceutical company that is searching to cure and save people from diseases.

The release date of Episode 5 is November 26, 2022, only on Crunchyroll at 1:23 a.m., Japan Time, and 9:53 p.m., Indian Standard Time.

Are you going to watch Arkinights Prelude to Dawn Episode 5, have you seen the last episodes? Please let us know in the comments.



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