Black Cake Episode 4 Release Date: Black Cake is an identity drama series based on the best-seller novel of 2022 of the same name. Black Cake is adapted into a series by creator Marissa Jo Cerar. The series total has 8 episodes and every new episode will be released every week.

The series stars Bashy, Adrienne Warren, Chipo Chung, and Mia Isaac in the leading roles.

What’s the Story of Black Cake?

Black Cake follows Covey, a swimmer with big dreams. But everything changed after his father took a Loan from a Loan shark. Covey had to marry that Loan shark known as Little Man, but in the marriage party, Little Man died due to of poison. Covey takes the chance and runs away from the island. She goes to London using her mom’s name. She meets Eleanor her roommate, and uses her identity after an accident.

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Black Cake Episode 4 Release Date

Black Cake Episode 4 is going to be released on Hulu on November 8, in the evening. The timing isn’t known yet, but will be 12:00 AM Eastern Time.

Hulu Releases their shows and movies on this specific time, so you can expect Black Cake to be released at 12:00 AM EST on November 8.



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