Fatal Seduction Episode 7:  Episode 7 starts with Nandi talking to Vuyo on the phone. Leonard overhears their conversation and mistakenly believes that Nandi and Vuyo are having an affair. This triggers a flashback where we learn that Nandi and Vuyo were once in a casual relationship.

In another scene, Vuyo tortures Jacob to extract the truth. Jacob loses consciousness, and Vuyo drags his body to his car before taking him to the jungle.

Meanwhile, Leonard is searching for Vuyo, suspecting him of having an affair with Nandi. Eventually, Leonard locates Vuyo, and they argue about a ten-year-old case. Leonard confesses that a false case was framed against Benjamin, who was falsely accused to protect the minister’s driver.

On the other hand, Jacob is not dead. He manages to regain consciousness and, while running, collides with Nandi’s car. They have an argument, during which Jacob reveals that he used to spy on them and more. Jacob confesses his love for Nandi and expresses a desire to be with her, but she refuses to listen and leaves, labeling Jacob as a psycho.

Jacob promises to show what a psycho looks like, and the episode ends here.

Now we have to wait for Volume 2 of the show. The release date of Volume 2 is not yet known, but we will update you if there are any developments. One of the most asked questions after episode 7 is Who Kills Brenda? Please let us know your thoughts and theories about the same in the comments.



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