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Fatal Seduction Episode 6: Recap and Explained – Jacob Dead Or Alive ?

Fatal Seduction Episode 6: Episode 6 of the show starts with a conversation between Nandi and Jacob. Nandi asks Jacob to leave after some argument, and he eventually does. Nandi and Leonard have dinner with Zinhle. The show is getting slightly Intense now and here goes the detailed recap of Episode 6 of the show.

After dinner, Leonard and Nandi go to sleep and they get physical. Nandi receives a text from Voyu, who wants to meet her to discuss more about Jacob.

Jacob then meets Leonard for his job and discusses injustice and other matters, but he never reveals his own story. After that, Jacob messages Nandi, expressing a desire to meet her. Voyu assures her that he will handle the situation.

In another scene, we see Zinhle approaching Jacob and inviting him for coffee, but Jacob declines, saying he will call her another time. In the final moments of the episode, Jacob arrives at a hotel to meet Nandi, but Voyu is already there. Voyu attacks Jacob and brutally beats him, and the episode ends here.

Is Jacob dead or alive? It will be interesting to see what happens next. To find out, we need to watch the next episode. Episode 7 is going to be the last episode of Volume 1 of the show.

Now coming to the question is Jacob Dead of Alive? I am Pretty Sure that Jacob is Still alive. What do you think about Jacob’s character? Do you think he is Evil? or Just another Good Man who just wants to take revenge, Please let us know your take on this in the comments.

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