Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Release Date: Everybody Loves Diamonds, an Italian heist drama inspired by a true story, has been released and is also getting rave reviews from critics. The series is directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli and stars some prominent actors from Italian cinema.

The show is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, and if you are here to know if Everybody Loves Diamonds getting renewed for season 2 or not then this is for you.

What’s the Story of Everybody Loves Diamonds?

Everybody Loves Diamonds is inspired by the greatest heist ever “Antwerp diamond heist”. The show took inspiration from it by adding some Fiction. The story follows Leo and his team of thieves. They make a genius plan to steal the 100 Million worth of Diamonds.

The heist is known as the greatest heist ever because of the site where the Diamonds were situated. But Leo and his team made the impossible possible.

Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Release Date?

It’s my speculation if Everybody Loves Diamonds Renewed for Season we can expect it to be released in summer 2025 or Late 2025.



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