My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 6 Ending Explained: My Hero Academia’s War Arc in Season 6 has been getting super tensed just to see the villains getting more powerful by the hour and the addition to Shigaraki with his new bioengineered quirks made it even worse and that too is not enough, the ending of the Episode just made the whole thing way too highly imbalanced towards the villain’s side. If you’re also loving MHA Season 6 which just started from the War Arc, you’re at the right place.

Episode 6 focused on the events after Shigaraki is awakened and shows his enhanced decay quirk by turning the city’s architecture into smithereens in just a touch. The constant voice in his mind that kept saying to acquire One for All is getting stronger and even the Number 1 Hero Endeavor’s attacks are not doing anything to him and when they should be, his reflexes are amazing to just dodge those attacks.

In short, Shigaraki has been bioengineered by the doctor into something else, something so powerful that we can’t imagine and now he’s after Midoriya. Midoriya runs away from the evacuation site to save the people, the normal folks and Bakugou follow him because he knows Midoriya’s secret and he also has some scores to settle with Shigaraki.

Shigaraki has been given a quirk called Search which was stolen from one of the Pussycat group members and allows the wielder to search people with quirks and see their weaknesses as well.

Shigaraki is using that quirk to follow Midoriya and Endeavor is following him when Gran Torino rescues both Midoriya & Bakugou and leaves them in an area a bit close because if he puts them far away, Shigaraki might wreak havoc in the city with the normal folk.

We see Eraser Head coming out and very pissed looking at Shigaraki trying to erase his quirk and they find out after Endeavor’s attack that it’s not his quirk, Shigaraki has super deadly reflexes now.

We see the top heroes attacking Shigaraki at once and the preview for the next Episode is scary as well since Shigaraki unleashed more bioengineered Nomu’s and Gigantomachia to wreak havoc like only Shigaraki wasn’t enough. The next Episode is going to be super tense because not only Shigaraki, the heroes have more villains they can take and they are overpowering the heroes.



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