El Presidente Ending Explained: Hello everyone! Today we’ll talk about the show El Presidente. The series is a Colombian – Chilean television series of the dramatic and suspense genres. It is based on the real-life controversy which Happened in 2015 and is remembered as the FIFA GATE incident.

The series follows Sergio Jadue a football club president and how his house of cards fell apart. What confused the audience was the show’s alternate ending. In fact, many plot points of the show genuinely were tricky to understand so here we are to simplify the ending for you.

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What happened in the last episode?

The episode begins with a flashback of Sergio’s past where he struggles to get VIP seat tickets to a soccer match the scene cuts to the present where Sergio has everything now but still has nothing as everything around him is falling apart. His wife also kicks him out of the house when she learns that Sergio is been working with the FBI for quite a while. His troubles don’t end here as he learns that all of his Copa America merchandise has been dated wrongly by his right-hand man Jasher.

Sergio is devastated after seeing that his beloved marches are dumped on a beach. In the heat of the moment, he points a gun at Jashir and calls him a ‘fag’. Sergio realizes that he shouldn’t have said that and he has messed up with the wrong guy.

Meanwhile, while Lisa confronts her own personal problems, she pressurizes Sergio to leave town and appear from the trials of the whole controversy that has gripped CONMEBOL. In a desperate attempt to bring his old life back, he even offers Lisa some money and tickets to Copa America finals just to buy more time. But she rejects the money and warns him that he’ll have to leave without his family.

In the game night, Jashir stabs Lisa at the stands of the stadium so as to set up Sergio. Though he doesn’t kill her but keeps her alive for the purpose. Lisa thinks that Sergio ordered the hit on her as Jashir is his man. Sergio goes through a lot of cathartic processes and leads his team to the victory. The whole nation celebrates his leadership and lauds him for helping Chile win Copa America after ages.

But his joy is short-lived as after the game he sees his wife kissing one of his players. Things get worse when Jashir steals all of his money from the office and Lisa catches up with Sergio blaming him for the hit on her. There’s a scene in his office where Sergio after being thrown out of the house sleeps there with his merchandise as pillows and the national flag for a blanket. The scene signifies the downfall of Sergio.

Nené the savior?

Even though Nene kicked Sergio out of the house but she was by his side all the time. With the use of her sharp mind, she concocted a plan and she also cleared with Lisa that the hit wasn’t Sergio’s doing and it was all Jasher. She then withdraws all of their remaining black money from their safe deposit boxes, and with Lisa’s help, they head to their airport with their kids.

Due to Lisa’s profile as an FBI, she is able to carry the bags of money through the airport and the family reaches American. Before bidding their final goodbyes. Sergio pays Lisa for helping them out but she asks for more. This is when Nené sneaks up right behind her and chokes her with her waist belt.

The Ending

Well, that’s the main topic here. Let’s break it down. In the final episode, there are many sequences that seem fictional such as Sergio giving an inspiring speech to his players before the game. As revealed by the narrator, Lisa and Jashir were completely fictional. This suggests that in real life, Sergio never went through a catharsis where he threatened his own right-hand man or even tried to kill an FBI agent. The main purpose of this was to create an atmosphere of drama and suspense to give the viewers a thrill.

What happened in real life?

In real life, the situation was completely different. Sergio completely cooperated with the FBI. As a result, everyone involved in the scandal of CONMEBOL was convicted but managed to escape their trials by paying hefty fines. Some of them, who were opportunists, even took advantage of this situation and somehow managed to draw benefits out of it. As for the ANFP, it was left with a debt of billions, but strangely, when the books of their debt were settled, $3.5 million had disappeared into thin air.

El Presidente Ending

In the end, Nené decides to leave Sergio for good and starts working in KFC to stay afloat. While Sergio got away and had a fairly normal life after everything. This was the show’s ending.

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