The latest Amazon Prime documentary is the story of a very evil couple who tortured 5 innocents and later murdered them when this came in front of people everyone got so much shocked and horrified listening to that.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about one such victim, so let’s get started.

Edward was 17 years apprentice engineer when he got killed by them on 6 October 1965, he also got lured into the couple’s house in Manchester he was killed before the girlfriend’s brother-in-law David Smith who later got arrested by the police but also have criminal record while the crime is going on.

According to him Edward got brutally murdered the couple hit him almost 14 times with a hard object, and this makes him afraid he called the police and they discovered the body and the murder weapon.

After that police also found out that there was a plan written by him that how to bury his body and another name John Kilbride was also found in the books whose body was found on October 1965 by the police they also found their 2 suitcases packed and some nude photos of Lesley Ann Downey before finally arresting them and disclosing this evil crime.



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