Ian Fairley Police Officer: One of the most notorious crimes done in British history by the couple Ian and his partner Hindley, their story is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, here in this article we are going to talk about Ian Fairley who was the head of the case at that time, so let’s get started.

Born in Broxburn, Scotland he joined the police in 1963 and soon got promoted to CID in 1964 he was a very brave and honest officer and spent almost 32 years serving the police.
It was October 2022 when the police got a murder tip from David Smith who was Hindley’s brother-in-law.

Fairley was 22 years old at that time in an interview he said that he still remembers that day when they arrived there they found the body of Edward Evans wrapped in plastic in the bedroom and they also find the guns there, and after their arrest and during the investigation they found nudes photos of victims the couple killed and they also found a paper note where there is written that how the murder will take place and after that how to bodies will get buried.

Fairley plays an important role in solving the case they used to confront them and finally, the location of all the bodies got revealed by them later, and after the hearing, the couple got the punishment of life in prison.

unfortunately, he is dead now he died in his hometown in France after a long battle with cancer he was 72 years old when he died.



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