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Deadloch Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained

Deadloch Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: We are covering the Episodewise recap of Amazon Prime Video’s original show ‘Deadloch’ and now we have covered the recap of Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the show. Episode 3 of the show was released a few hours back and here goes the Recap and Ending Explained for the Episode.

At the end of the second episode, we see that the police are still not able to catch the murderers of Gavin and Trent. Now, there is a long list of suspects in front of Dulcie and her team. What will happen next? Here, we are going to recap the third episode of the series, so let’s get started.

You can also check the Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap of the show for better and clear connections.

The episode begins with the couple Dulcie and Cath attending therapy or counseling. Cath mentions that she doesn’t tell Dulcie much. On the other hand, Dulcie says that it is hard to talk to Cath about work.

Meanwhile, Phil organizes a press conference where he tells the media that the police are still unable to find the murderers. He also mentions that their lives are in danger. The reporter adds that Eddie Redcliffe, who is an imperfect officer for this case, has a report of hitting her teammate earlier. They want her to hand over the case to Collins.

Now, the focus of the police is on the women of the town, suspecting that they might be murderers. They have created a list of possible suspects and started investigating them.

Who Were Those Women?

The list they have created includes Sharelle Muir, Vanessa Lathan, Victoria O’Dwyer, Skye O’Dwyer, and Margaret Carruthers. There was also a drug found in both bodies, Pentobarbital. The only person in town who has access to this drug is Cath. Dulcie asks her about the other person to whom she has given access to this drug. She doesn’t tell about her in front of Eddie, but after Eddie leaves, she reveals the name of the person she has given drugs to, and Margaret’s name is on the list.

This makes their suspicion on Margaret more solid. However, when they go to ask her about the case, she claims that she was out of town when the incident took place and wasn’t here. They receive a call from the medical team, informing them that they have found a woman’s pubic hair in his mouth. They go to Victoria, his wife, to collect her DNA.

Now, it is too late, so Dulcie offers Eddie to take a shower at her house. When they reach there, they discover that Cath has arranged a surprise birthday party for Dulcie. Things get weird when someone tells them that Dulcie had an affair before moving here. The Mayor of the town then makes a huge announcement, stating that the town’s gyms and toilets will be named after Gavin and Trent.

In the end, the police still don’t have any updates regarding the case, and the media keeps asking Eddie why she is still leading the case. She passes out, and the episode ends with a person in the house preparing a syringe and holding a knife. What do you think will happen next?



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