Deadloch Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: The latest comedy thriller series Deadloch is now streaming on Amazon Prime in the English language. In this article, we are going to give you a quick summary of the very first episode of the series. Therefore, this article contains heavy spoilers from the series. So, if you want to watch the episode first, you can. For others, let’s get started.

The series starts with Deadloch, where two women going for a walk find a naked dead body on the beach. Now we are introduced to police officer Dulcie Collins, who will be leading the investigation with senior Investigator Eddie Redcliffe and their junior constable Abby Matsuda.

Dulcie lives with her wife Cath, who is not happy with her leading the case of murder. We come to know that the body they found was of Trent Latham, a football player, and he has a wife named Vanessa Latham. Dulcie and Abby go to see Trent’s brother Gavin, who was with Trent last night. He has nothing to say about the death, and he also looks shocked after hearing the news of his brother’s death. He was there with a friend, Jimmy, who was also with Trent, as he said.

The Ending

The next morning, the head detective of the case, Eddie, arrives at the police station. His first suspect is Trent’s brother Gavin, and we come to know that the town was hosting an annual arts, food, and culture festival. After investigating further, they find out that the body’s tongue is also missing. However, Eddie is not taking Dulcie’s information and work seriously. But still, they come to know that the killer used high tide that night to wash off all the evidence from the body. They find a camera recording of Trent and his brother fighting that night, but their camera gets blocked after some time by the birds.

So now their suspicion of his brother grows more, and they go to arrest him, also recovering Trent’s phone from the location. In the end, they see Vanessa Latham running from the town, and they also find Gavin’s body on the beach.

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The fact is that his tongue is also missing. Who is doing this and why does he take the victims’ tongues? We will come to know this in upcoming episodes, so for more updates, stay tuned with us.



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