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Deadloch Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained

Deadloch Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained: In the first episode of the series, we saw that the main suspect in the murder was also found dead at the end of the episode. Now they have to start from ground zero to find out who is responsible for all this. Will Dulcie Collins and her team be able to find the murderer? We will see it in the upcoming episodes.

Here, I am going to give you a recap of the second episode of the series. You can also check our Episode 1 Recap for a better understanding. So let’s get started. Before starting, please note that this article contains heavy spoilers from the series, so if you want to watch the episode first, you can.

The episode starts with some people in a boat keeping their tongues in an icebox, but their faces are not revealed yet. Now back to the forensic team, where the killing of Trent’s brother is similar to his, with no tongue and no other DNA samples. Everything is clean. During the briefing, Dulcie’s wife, Cath, keeps disturbing her by sending her messages.

Now both Dulcie and Eddie go to the sawmill where Trent and his brother used to work. The owner, Phil, is there with Jimmy. Through later information, they find out that Phil was the majority owner of the sawmill, and they might have used his boat to commit the murders. But every time they investigate, Cath disturbs them. Now they are trying to find out if the victims were involved in drugs or if there could be another reason for their murder.

Eddie and Abby follow Phil at night and discover that he is dumping drugs or something similar into the lake. Eddie collects a sample from the lake.

The Ending

When Dulcie visits Trent’s friend, who mentioned that all his friends died, some due to drugs and others in drink-and-drive boat accidents, it seems a little suspicious. As they investigate the footage of the brothers fighting, they find out that Sam O’Dwyer was also present, even though his friend claimed he was dead. In the end, when the whole town is busy with the festival, Eddie goes to O’Dwyer’s house and finds the icebox where he kept the tongues.

She sees Sam escaping from the house and follows him, but he manages to get away. The episode ends with the boat used to murder the brothers being destroyed.



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