Platonic Episode 2: As you watched in the first episode, both friends are back on track again. In this article, we will recap the second episode of the series. Please note that this article contains spoilers, so if you want to watch the episode first, you can. Otherwise, let’s get started.

The episode starts with a chaotic Monday morning in Sylvia and Charlie’s house. Charlie is the first one to use the bathroom, followed by his wife and then the children according to their ages. Sylvia drops her kids off at school, and we learn that they are also looking for a house.

Sylvia’s friend, Dianne, who met her at the school, is here to drop off her kids too. She asks Sylvia to finalize the house they had seen earlier in Encino. On the other hand, Will keeps calling Sylvia, but she is not picking up the call. However, they texted each other last night like old friends, and everything seems perfect. But she still doesn’t want to talk to him. So, Will goes to her house where she is dealing with a mess created by the overflowing toilet. He helps her clean up the mess and decides to go with her to see the house in Encino.

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On the way, Will tells her that most of his stuff is still at Audrey’s house, including his pet lizard Gandalf. Sylvia suspects that he wants to see her even after the divorce. They reach the house, but as soon as they arrive, it looks like a horror dream to them. There is dust all around. Will warns her not to buy it because the renovation will cost as much as the whole house. She agrees with him, but she will only not take this house if he agrees to take all his stuff from Audrey’s house at once.

Now she cancels the deal with Dianne and drives Will to Audrey’s house. They know that she is actually not home, so Sylvia almost breaks the door. When they enter, Audrey is actually there in the house, and they see each other awkwardly.

Now Audrey finally confronts that her breakup is due to Sylvia. She doesn’t like other women deciding clothes for her boyfriend and coming along with him on their dates. After listening to that, Sylvia leaves and takes Gandalf with her.

The episode ends. Will their friendship get worse after this? To know this, you have to watch the next episode.



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