Cursed Season 1 Full Story & Ending Explained: Netflix’s new outing in the global market was in the form of a period fantasy drama with lots of magic. The show’s name is Cursed and it stars 13 reasons why fame Katherine Langford. The show is about a young girl who has been given the responsibility to become a pillar of courage and hope to her people.

She is destined to become the Protector of her people. Although she doesn’t want this responsibility, she gradually becomes more attached to it and makes progress. The show has woven some of the most important character arcs throughout its length of 10 episodes and the finale might have left viewers confused with a cliffhanger. So let’s dig into that.


The story follows a young girl named Nimue who is a sorcerer, a Fey in the show’s terms. Although she is fairly new to her powers she has always been criticized for having them. Therefore Nimue wants to get rid of these powers. But these are the ones that will help her save her lives and of countless others. In an attack on her village by the Red Paladins, we see that everything is destroyed and her mother is also critically injured and is living her last breaths. She gives Nimue a mysterious sword and asks her to protect it and give it to another powerful sorcerer named Merlin.

The Ending

Cursed Season 1: Although the show starts with just one character – Nimue, but throughout the show’s narrative of 10 episodes, lots and lots of characters arrive and eventually make their space in the story. With every character having a separate storyline and their character arcs everything comes into place in the final episode which is filled with surprises, emotions, and jaw-dropping war scenes.

Nimue continues her journey and reaches before King Uther. She makes a deal with him that she will surrender herself and the sword to him if he lets her people go without any harm. She suggests that people should be given ships so that they can start a new world on the other side of the sea. King Uther briefly thinks about the deal and realizes that after killing his mother and the church against him, it would be in the best interests of him to agree to this deal and he does. Meanwhile, The Red Paladin makes an unusual association with Cumber who himself is after the throne of King Uther.

We come to know that previously Merlin had made a pact with Cumber that he will provide Cumber a proof that will strengthen his position to claim the throne, in exchange for the safety of Nimue. But Merlin soon realizes that the pact is not taken seriously and thus while on the way of warning his daughter, he is attacked by one of the henchmen of Rugen. Eventually, he kills his attacker but is wounded in the process. With Merlin out of the picture, it becomes clear and easier for Cumber to create an alliance with the Church and the demands that Nimue is brought to him .

Nimue soon arrives at the camp of King Uther in the hopes of surrounding herself but she doesn’t bring the sword with her, leaving it with Morgana. Before Uther, She demands the release of Squirrel and Gawain. When released it is revealed that Gawain is seriously injured and would not make it. Despite the best efforts of Nimue, he is not saved, with Nimue getting captured by The Red Paladin. Nimue is barely saved by Morgana who arrives just in time and the group leaves after finding Merlin.

On their way, they are attacked by Iris who shoots Nimue with two arrows resulting in her falling over the waterfall apparently killing her. Angered by this, Merlin wields the sword and unleashes his true powers. He kills Iris and the Paladins and disappears with Morgana.
Meanwhile, The Weeping Monk has a shocking revelation of his identity. It is revealed that the monk was actually one of the Fey but was raised as a member of the church. He argues with the Paladins when he learns that their intention is to torture Squirrel a mere child and claims that it is against the laws of Monk. He betrayed the church by fleeing squirrel with him and on the way tells that his real name is Lancelot.

What Happens to the characters?

There are many plot points that made the viewers think about the ending of the season. The most important of the questions is about Nimue. Is she alive? Well to our certain expectations she is definitely alive. There are various proofs of that and one being that she is narrating the story after all. And other being her magical powers, throughout her journey it was her magic that saved her life and it would not be crazy to say that this time the same has happened. The Fey Queen will certainly return. The other storyline to look forward to is of Merlin, who after being so grounded on the first 9 episodes finally gets to unleash his true powers which establish the story of his glory.

Since he is back, it would be very hard for the church to maintain a feud with him. Another plot revolves around Arthur who finally got his role as the leader, with people listening to him and attending the round tables.

Also, The monk is one of the Fey and named Lancelot. While Nimue’s people are getting powerful they still have to prepare for the villans coming in next season. Apart from the Red Paladin we also got to see about Iris who fatally injured Nimue and presumably Killing her. We might get to see her character arc taking a nice shape in the second season.

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