Dark Season 3 Full Story & Ending Explained: Oh Boy! What did I just watch? Perhaps the Greatest Netflix Original show? Certainly, we can call it that. We are talking about the German Netflix original series Dark. It debuted in 2017 and now after 3 years came up with it’s third and final season and boy it was worth the hype.

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All the questions that arose in the first two seasons were answers beautifully and all the plot points have come to a satisfactory close. Let’s talk about what happened in season 3.

Dark Season 3 Full Story

Season 3 starts from the exact same point where season 2 ended. We see Martha from another world who came just in time of the apocalypse and took Jonas who was just grieving his Martha’s death. Martha takes him to her world telling him that this was the day when they first met. And after saying this she leaves with the help of a time machine, leaving Jonas stranded in her world .

Jonas tries to figure out why has he been left here and what is his purpose. He goes to school and sees his friends or doppelgangers of his friends and he sees Martha who doesn’t recognize him and why would she? This is the world without having Jonas Kanhwald in it. In this world, he learns Jonas, that Mikkel has not disappeared and thus he doesn’t go back in time, meet Hannah and have a baby who is Jonas. We also see that Hannah is living with Ulrich and is pregnant with his baby, Ulrich has separated from Katharina and is cheating on Hannah with Charlotte.

After seeing Mikkel at night Jonas meets Future Martha who is old much like Adam and she calls herself Eve. She asks Jonas to take Martha so that the apocalypse can be stopped. Afterward, he takes Martha to the cave where they reappear on a possible future of Winden of Martha’s world where future Martha the adult explains Martha everything and why does Apocalypse need to be stopped. Martha at first doesn’t believe anything but slowly she agrees to fix everything. Eve says that even though Jonas thought that a world without him would be free of disasters and time loops but even he is not here yet the apocalypse is coming and will destroy everything.

Jonas halfway to their mission doubts Eve and thinks she is using him just like Adam did. Both Martha and Jonas come to Eve where Jonas is killed by another version of Martha which leaves Martha is a shock. She then realizes that Eve used her and thus wants to go save Jonas. Now here is the tricky part, According to Schrodinger’s Cat theory, two possibilities arrive were in reference to the show Martha arrives in the Jonas’ world and saves him from apocalypse by taking him with her and in another situation Martha is stopped by Bartosz who is sent by Eve and thus she goes with him and the Jonas in this possibility goes into their house basement/bunker and is saved from the apocalypse.

This Jonas eventually becomes the adult Jonas who has no memory of meeting another world’s Martha. The Martha who vanished after leaving Jonas in her world is revealed to be working for Adam who later seemingly kills her. He thinks that he has found the origin of the knot and thus he is ready to make the sacrifice. While the other Martha who left with Bartosz becomes Eve.

What is its origin?

All the season we see that Adam is after the origin of the knot and is trying to destroy it. He has been trying this for a long time. He thought he was the glitch in this world and tried to kill himself he failed. He thought destroying the tunnel and caves will prevent apocalypse but no that backfires as it sends the survivors through random places in the random year thus we see people like Katharina in 1987, Hannah way before that, Bartosz, Franziska, Magnus and Adult Jonas in 1880s.

Adam thinks that Martha and Jonas’s unborn baby ( yeah they did it ) is the origin and decides to kill it so that the world will end and thus no more loops and no more killings but it doesn’t work out this time also and that’s where old Claudia comes in. ( Let me tell you Claudia is the real MVP here. )

Claudia tells Adam that no matter how much he tries to kill the knot, it will not happen and infact it becomes the next step in the loop again and again and again. He has been doing this for eternity and failing every single time. She also tells that Eve wants to prevent the knot from happening out of her love of her son and thus we see Eve making measures so that everything happens the way it always has only to prevent the knot from destroying. On the other hand, we see Adam doing the same thing but to destroy the knot.

Claudia explains that both of their activities only make the loop go on endlessly and thus there is no end for it. Jonas who once was a teenager boy who wanted to save everyone becomes the one who wants to kill everyone. Throughout his lifetime Jonas tried to help others and try to find a way to end all of this but it did him no good, its a paradox going in a circle. He becomes the man who thinks killing everyone and the world is the only way to end this, thus we see adult Jonas Killing Hannah. We also see that because of the events of apocalypse many family trees are messed up.

Hannah becomes pregnant with Egon’s baby who is none other than Silja, who marries Bartosz from the 1880s and gives birth to a boy named Hanno and a girl named Agnes. Hanno is none other than Noah and Agnes is the mother of Tronte who is the father of Ulrich. Ultimately Hannah And Ulrich are also related. Claudia tells Adam that there is a way to end all of it and no one has ever done this before. She explains that she, all her lifetime tried to find an answer to a question that why her daughter Regina died in every single situation and timeline. She thinks that Regina was not part of the knot she was free of all this and even after this why does she not live.

Claudia thinks the same of her father. Claudia says that fate catches up in every world and thus everything happens again and the same even though at different times. ( Ulrich killing Helge in Jonas’ world and Ulrich attacking Helge and smashing his eye in Martha’s world only to be getting killed by an older version of Helge. Helge tells that it happened again. Which means he was saved by himself before and now also. It means there is no beginning of this loop ).

Claudia says to Adam that she has found the answers to her questions and it involves the third world and apparently THE world where everything began and Adam and Eve’s world is just an anomaly of an experiment that went wrong in the prime world. This trifecta is interconnected and thus can only be solved from the prime world. That is the origin of everything!

Dark Season 3 Ending

Claudia explains to Adam that it was Tannhauser that made the time machine out of grief of his Son and his wife and his granddaughter. He wanted to go back in time so that he could prevent their deaths. But his experiment didn’t work and thus destroyed his world and in the result created another two worlds. She explains that time offers one loophole to them where they can prevent all of this from happening. Adam then goes to the moment right after where he killed Martha and takes Jonas with him and explains what and why he has to do. He has to stop Tannhause’s son so that Tannhause doesn’t create a time machine. He advises Jonas to take Martha with her and that only together they can do this.

Jonas successfully captures Martha, Martha becomes overwhelmed to see Jonas but this Jonas doesn’t know her obviously. The two then go to the cave and enter the gate, only to find out that the tunnels weren’t used this time and thus they have a dead end. Jonas explains that Tannhause’s experiment fails and creates the energy which opens the gate to the time travel and connects the three world. After his energy opens the gate Jonas and Martha are separated in a time stream. Where the seemingly see each other’s kid counterparts who are able to see them .

Thus meaning that they are the ones that truly belong to each other since always. Jonas and Martha meet into the intersection point of the three worlds and walk through it. They reach the exact same place from where Tannhause’s son and daughter-in-law will pass in a few moments. Sure enough, they arrive and barely escapes from an accident. Marek gets out of the car and shouts at both of them and advises them to go home. Jonas and Martha persuade Marek to not go now as the bridge is closed because of an accident, They tell him that his father loves him and would do anything for him. This changes Marek’s mind and he tells Sonja that they’ll move afterward but not today .

They return and Marek makes up with Tannhause and they hug each other and decides to stay there. Now now now, since time machine never got made no other worlds will be made, and thus eventually everyone who has been the part of the anomaly world will disappear including Martha Jonas Ulrich Claudia and others.

In the end, we see the old group consisting of Hannah, Woller, Katharina, Peter, Benni, and Regina having dinner together seemingly Happy with Hannah being pregnant and with Woller and Peter with Benni. We see Hannah getting Deja Vu after seeing the yellow raincoat as they drink in the name of No Winden and Hannah decided to name her Child Jonas.

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