Get Even Netflix: Okay okay okay! Who is the fan of murder mysteries? I know I am:-p. There is just something about suspenseful murders which makes us glued to the screens. We brainstorm to find out who is the killer and how did he did that and whatnot.

Now, what’s more, thrilling than solving a murder mystery? Well, there apparently is! Imagine that it was you who was framed for the murder which of course you didn’t commit. Then there will be the real pressure to find out the killer. Add to this a bunch of teenagers and bam! You’ve got yourself a Netflix series :-p. Well, jokes aside,

Netflix is bringing us a British teen drama whose story revolves around a murder mystery for whom the protagonists are framed. The show is created by Holly Phillips and it is based on Don’t Get Mad by Gretchen McNeil.


The show follows a group of four young students Kitty Wei, Bree Deringer, Margot Rivers, and Olivia Hayes. They form a group called DGM ( Don’t Get Mad ) to try and expose the bullies in their school who harass people. But things take an ugly turn when a bully who was the next target of the girls gets murdered. The surprising thing in this is that he was holding a piece of paper that read DGM. Thus the girls are framed and are the prime suspect of the murder. Now it is upon them to find out the truth and save themselves.


The movie stars Kim Adis and Mia McKenna-Bruce in main lead roles, the series also stars Bethany Antonia, Jessica Alexander, Joe Flynn, Emily Carey, and others.


There is an official trailer that was released by BBC a few months back. The trailer is also available on YouTube. So if you have not watched the trailer already, you can watch it there. The trailer is available on Netflix as well. Just in case 😉

Release Date

Although the show is a British one hence it has already been telecasted there on BBC I player. Netflix is bringing the show for its global audience. The show is scheduled to stream from July 31, 2020.

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