“Constellation” Episode 8 Recap and Explained: Apple Original presents an eight-episodic American sci-fi series ” Constellation” is currently streaming now On the platform with only three episodes, the rest will come weekly. In this episode, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 8. Before starting it let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. This is a story about a female astronaut Joe, after returning back from space she is facing lots of unreal things. Let’s see what is exactly happening with her.

We saw the flashback scenes of Jo communicating with Alice. It cuts off to an ambulance with Jo inside, they reach in a hospital. We see Irena standing there watching Jo. Meanwhile, Jo watching the dead female cosmonaut, Valya. They started to do a mental checkup on Jo. Which cuts to a space scene.

Henry wakes up in the snow. He picked up the CAL machine and went inside the car. He has the tape recorder of young Alice. He started the tape recorder which tells the story of his Apollo mission. Later he became frustrated he destroyed the CAL Machine with Axe. Simultaneously we see Jo who became unconscious. She is okay or died? Let’s find out.

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We see Magnus bring Alice into their home. That’s the second Alice, She told her dad about her mother died in an accident & her body is still in the spaceship. She also told him about another Alice, Cal device to her father. Alice said her mother had died and whoever came here was the mother of the second Alice. Magnus said their mother was alive but she had a mental illness.

A checkup is still going on with Jo. A Russian sister said to Ilena that their checkup machine wasn’t responding well. They are checking inside the Belly of Jo. Later Jo finally wakes up. She saw herself in a home. After walking up she began to explore the room & saw the pictures of her. Later she met with Irena who said that Jo was suffering from schizophrenia. Where she speaks about Alice ( the real one who speaks Swedish).

Irena said her daughter went sick after the fire & now she is okay. Jo said she could smell her real daughter & now she wants to meet her. Irena confirmed that Jo is pregnant & they want to perform a pregnancy test before administering Lithium.

Irena spoke about giving her lithium 7 but as Jo is in the early stage of pregnancy they are avoiding it. Ilena gives her medicine but Jo is not interested in taking it. Meanwhile, we heard screaming inside the house & Irena said another guest was there also. Alice talks about her mother with Magnus. She is worried but Magnus is unable to understand.

On the other side, Bud has been captured by police for shooting commander Paul Lancaster. He also threw Rogers from the cruise. These are the charges Bud got. He said he is Henry, not Bud Caldera but the FBI THINKS both are the same person. He said the FBI to find out Bud Caldera. They handed over a book named ” Being Myself” written by Bud Caldera, but Bud denied that he didn’t write it. He said he never met Paul & all of his readings are positive in the truth machine. He said he invented a machine that caused or rather allowed for, the circumstances of a fatal accident in space.

On the other side, we see Henry with Frederic, they are watching the broken CAL machine. Irena later called Henry for a meet-up. Later they met in the restaurant. Irena understands something different in Henry. Here we realised that Henry & Bud swapped their places.

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Ilya came to meet with Jo while she was playing piano. After he came She started to talk about Henry. Ilya replied to her about the term ” Astronaut Burnout”, it’s a kind of paranoia, feeling that familiar places and people are imposters. Jo understood that Ilya wasn’t here to meet her infact he is just following the orders of Irena. Jo said she heard the radio transmission from Irena’s capsule which broke up in space & she died. She added that Irena was the body & Paul wasn’t it was she. Ilya is unable to understand & think that something is wrong with Jo’s memory. Lastly, he leaves the house & hands a key to her.

She wants to go outside in the middle of the night but hears the noise of the unknown guest. So, she went up to find out what was happening. In a small hole, he saw two old men with exact the same but different personalities staying there. She became afraid & reached into her room. Meanwhile, Alice tried to talk with her friend Wendy. She informed her about her mother. We see Alice from the other who is also talking with Wendy & Askin about her father Paul. It’s just like a mirror world existing.

We see the Magnus from another universe, Who expresses how he was happy to see Jo but for a moment she vanished. In his world, Jo doesn’t exist. Later young Alice Met with their dad. Magnus handed over her a box containing her tape recorder . Jo plays piano inside her room, meanwhile, two Alice are trying to communicate with each other . We the real daughter who speaks Swedish she is changing their house along with her father. She said to her father that another Alice got her father instead of her. She is a more understanding girl & accepts her fate & lets Alice with her own mother.

FBI is unable to find any proof of Henry. ( previously we thought he was a bud but not, but they actually swapped their places). But the FBI thinks they are the same person so arrest Henry for murdering Paul & Lan Rogers . While Bud on the other side, is enjoying his life in Henry’s universe. In Henry’s universe, ROGERS has not died, so Bud gives him flowers & wishes to live his life. Rogers is unable to understand what’s going on. But Bud is literally enjoying his life while Henry is suffering.

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Jo asked Ilena about two men upstairs and Ilene said there was only one man & he was the first nan in space. Jo asks her about her variants & her own too. Ilena has no answer she asks Jo to accept this . Later she met with Alice & talked about the other Alice. Young Alice needs a mother& Jo needs Alice. That’s how they are going to accept each other. She handed over the drawing of Valya which Alice made, & said she is going to start taking pills. It looks like, Jo wants to accept her fate & the world where she is now. To accept this she has to continue her medicines.

We see Irena watching x-ray photos of Jo. She is stressed. We know about her story she used to be an Executive Controller of Roscosmos. In 1987, she became the second woman in the space. She talked about the things that can’t be explained it’s not like ” madness” it’s something beyond imagination. She emailed it publicly to ask to report people this kind of issue if they facing it. Meanwhile, we see Paul doesn’t die yet he is in the hospital.

Jo wants to lead a normal life. Magnus also wants to accept it. She wants to live with Magnus as he does. They both hugged each other. Where Alice is with Irena who whispers in the ears of Alice and says ” her friends call her Valya”. Later Jo accepts this Alice. Things is different for her to accept different Alice & Magnus but she wants to enjoy this life. Alice asks her one last question about the baby who is from which universe?

At the exact moment, we see the body of Jo in ISS. Her eyes are completely destroyed we think she is dead too but she isn’t as she holds her picture along with Alice. Maybe there is one more universe. It’s mysterious how Jo became pregnant. So many unanswered questions & also Henry’s fate isn’t decided. This spectacular series ends with these unanswered questions.

All episodes of ” Constellation” are currently streaming now On Apple TV in the English language along with subtitles.



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