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Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story Episode 4 Recap & Explained

Why did George suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and go outside? What happened to him? Let’s find out in the episode-wise recap of episode 4. We are covering the episode wise recaps, So you can check the episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 Recap of the show too.

They took King George back and tried to wash him. Later we learned the backstory of King George. He was always in the field and was against all the rude traditional rules. When Queen Augusta told him to get married and produce a baby, George was against the rules. Later, Augusta said that Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was coming to meet him.

Later, noble doctors found that he had symptoms of an inflamed cerebellum, but one doctor said King George had a real mental problem and was suffering from a disorganization of the nerves. Later, he revealed that he was Dr. John Monro of the Bethlehem Hospital. Other doctors said he was from a madhouse and was imperfect. Dr. John said he just wanted to talk with him and find out the real cause. By making everyone speechless, Dr. John made him feel better just by talking.

On the day of his wedding, he was alright, but later when he heard that the bride was escaping, he tried to escape too because he felt uncomfortable. But he suddenly found Dr. John. He informed Dr. John that he was feeling uncomfortable, and suddenly Dr. John slapped King George and he became okay.

Later, Queen Charlotte found him in episode 1. Later on the wedding night, when he told Queen Charlotte that he wanted his own estate in Kew, it wasn’t because he didn’t like her. Actually, he found Queen Charlotte to be so beautiful and intelligent that he thought he must be a stupid king. Later, we saw the day when Queen Charlotte reached Kew to meet him and found that he was in the observatory. We know what happened then in Episode 2.

After that, he invited Dr. John and asked for a cure so that he would never feel uncomfortable again because he was afraid of hurting Queen. Dr. John demanded a room for the cure, and George said everything would be given but he just needed privacy during their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Queen Charlotte was wearing a new dress, eating varieties of foods, but also feeling alone because the king was not with her.

Actually, on the other side, we saw the complicated treatment of George, drowned in deep cold water, eating simple food. Dr. Monro found out the real complications of his problem. This was because he was a king and was used to a life of comfort and royalness, so his mind must be in control. Monro also told King George to handle himself otherwise, how would he rule the country? They did all types of torture with King George again and again. And there he met the dog which he had gifted to Charlotte.

Reynold told him to spend more time with Queen Charlotte, so he returned to Buckingham Palace and found out the loneliness of Queen. Later, he tried to skip therapy, but Dr. Monro said he would soon face health issues again. However, he left when he heard that Queen Charlotte loved his gift. This is how he went to have dinner with Queen Charlotte. When he was waiting for Charlotte for dinner, again the health issues came up, and he began trembling. Soon, Charlotte arrived and tried to be with him.

He informed Dr. Monro that he was going to leave the estate and didn’t care about his health problem. Gradually, their sexual relation was getting better, but he always hid his health problem from Charlotte. King George admired that Queen Charlotte was behind his health improvement, not Monro. He began to love Queen Charlotte’s madness.

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Let’s go back to that night when Charlotte was sleeping in her bed. He found Dr. Monro in the kitchen making a poultice for Queen Charlotte. George found out that Charlotte appointed him for her cure. After hearing this, he became anxious and gradually completely lost himself. This is what happened to him and what problem he was facing. After learning everything, she went to meet with Queen Augusta and complained against King George, saying he was mad. After learning everything, Augusta said that he wasn’t mad; he was just tired of taking charge of this big country.

Meanwhile, King George overheard all the discussions between Queen Charlotte and Queen Augusta. This made him completely broken. He lost his happiness and went back to Dr. Monro.

So, in the previous episodes, we know how King George avoided Queen Charlotte. After watching episode 4, we learned about King George’s past and how he was fighting with himself from inside. He began to be happy after meeting Queen Charlotte, but things fell apart on Bell’s Night. Let’s see what happens in the next episode.



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