If you have watched the Netflix original show ‘Class’ which was released a few days back on Netflix, You must be wondering where that Hamptom International School Is and where the show was filmed, here we are going to answer all your questions.

There are total 8 episodes in the show and all episodes are around 40 Minutes long, the show is available on Netflix in Hindi audio version, for all those who don’t know, The show is official adaption of Popular show ‘Elite’.

Now coming to the Shooting Locations of the show, First we would like to clear that the school shown in the show is a completely fictional story and there is no real school named Hampton Internation School, The shooting of the film is also not done in any school or College, The shooting of the film is done in Mumbai and Delhi, The Houses and other locations shooting was done in Delhi, while the School Part was done in Mumbai, there were also some locations of Mumbai Slum, The school shown in the show is actually a shopping complex and auditorium in Mumbai which was turned into the School for the shooting of the show.

Hope You got an idea about the shooting locations of the show, we are trying all our best to get the exact names of the shooting Places, we will update the articles if we find any updates and news.



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