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CHUP Movie Ending Explained

CHUP has been officially released in the theatres after its experimental Freeview show on Tuesday, 20th September 2022, and garnered some great reviews from people, it is now the audience’s turn to judge the film and that will determine whether it’s a success or not but if you’re someone who has watched and if you are here, you either got confused by the ending or you loved it so much that you’re reading the article written by someone who feels the same. So, here’s the psychology behind “CHUP” and what did the ending mean?

Sebastian Gomez & Aaron Pinto are two personalities inside one person played by Dulquer Salman who can be seen talking to himself, making two cups of Chai, booking two tickets of movies, and ordering two plates of food in a restaurant. Due to his abusive childhood where his father used to beat his mother and him, his only relief had been movies which he used to watch from the neighboring house in the window of his house.

He applies to Film Institute and gets in but when he arrives home and sees his father killed their family dog, Danny, he loses his patience and holds his father captive in the very room his father used to put him in.

That trauma created another personality inside Sebastian Gomes known as Aaron Pinto and he started writing the story “Chup“, his most personal story of abuse in his own house which was received negatively by both critics and the audience. Due to that metaphorical slap that his own pain isn’t worth anything to people, he gets depressed and is hospitalized, and even stops creating films.

It’s not until some years that the revengeful side of him comes back taking the lives of Film Critics who rated the films poorly which were in reality, quite good, and starts to kill those critics with the metaphorical phrase they had drafted their reviews in.

Now, at the end of the film is where Sebastian is inside the Jail and is standing with his two hands on each side of the wall and wrapped inside a shawl. For people who are not aware, this whole film is a tribute to Guru Dutt’s Cinema and the last scene is the exact scene from the film Pyaasa (1957).

Towards the end, Sebastian reads from the newspaper that another Film Critic had died because of COVID-19 and laughs manically, and the curtains fall.


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