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Chup Movie Review: This Thriller Lacks The Thrill Itself

Chup Movie Review: The much-awaited and one of the most talked about films of today is Sunny Deol and Dulquer Salman Starrer Chup, The film premiered for the audiences few days back and now the film is finally here, I just finished watching the film and here is the detailed review of Crime thriller film CHUP.

The film stars Dulqer Salman, Sunny Deol, And Shreya Dhanwanthary in the main lead roles, The film is Directed By R Balki And Written By R Balki, Raja Sen, And Rishi Virmani, the film is around 2 Hours long and You can watch it in the cinema halls near You, the film is an A Rated movie so you can’t watch it with Kids, although there are no skin shows in the film, So you may watch it with Family.

The plot of the film was almost clear in the trailer itself, The story begins in Mumbai where Critics and film reviewers are Killed by Some serial Killers, The reason behind their Killings is the reviews of the newly released films. Who was the killer and How Salman Dulquer is related to all this? to this you have to watch the full movie in the cinemas near You.

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The biggest issue with the film is the story itself, First let me clear You, the film is not a thriller film at all, it will never thrill you for even a second, The Killer is open and you don’t need to use your mind to get into twits and turns, the story is almost open from the beginning itself, The Chemistry between the Danny and Neal was treat to watch but I was expecting the more thrill and suspense from the screenplay and the whole film.

Coming to the performances, Salman Dulquer is the Star is the film and he steals the show single-handedly, He nailed it and the way he portrays himself according to the situation was quite amazing, Those self talk acting skills were Just Killer, He nailed it in the Sita Ramam and again he Proved his talent to everyone. Sunny Deol was just okayish for me, He looks almost the same as his old Cop films, there were a few sequences where he tried to look fresh but most of them were the same old.

Shreya Dhanwanthary looks super pretty and she was good in terms of performance too, She was super confident and she brings Charm to the film, This one is one of her finest performances till date, Rest of the other actors were good enough.

The music and the Locations were average, and some BGM were really amazing while some fall flat, I was expecting some chilling sequences but the film ended as a super predictable dull film, The concept of the film was good but I think it was much better execution was needed.

I am going with 2 Out of 5 stars for the film, The film lacks the most crucial element of a thriller film i.e suspense and thrill, The film has nothing much to offer except a few amazing Performances, I will suggest you skip the film.

Rating: 2/5

This was Chup Movie Review, what do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


  1. If this is your review about this movie than i presume u have not understood the Indian audience.This movie was never ment to be thriller ,it’s a manifestation of all the failure a movie and it’s creator goes through when it’s not been accepted by audience and if the killer and the objective of the story is kept suspence and disclosed at last end of the movie the idea behind understanding the Hero s agony and motives remain unappreciated. This movie has reached to all those audience who are not just looking for any adrenaline rush or finding pleasure in suspense of uncertainty but to those who wants depth in cast ,story and cinematography,which leaves a mark in your memory to remember either the artist or the story which has glided beautifully to a understandable conclusion. I think it deserves more than two stars .

  2. This is one of the shittiest reviews I’ve seen. Who says this is a thriller? We know who the killer is. That’s the fun part. Just enjoy the ride. It was good. Enjoyed a hindi movie after a very long while. This review is the very reason this movie is made.

  3. The movie is a breeze of freshness. Beautifully directed and we’ll acted by the protagonists. Really enjoyed the thriller with the touch of classic nostalgia..way to go team Chup…4 stars atleast


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I am going with 2 Out of 5 stars for the film, The film lacks the most crucial element of a thriller film i.e suspense and thrillChup Movie Review: This Thriller Lacks The Thrill Itself