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Guru Dutt Death – Kaagaz Ke Phool | Chup Movie Context?

Guru Dutt Death: Sunny Deol’s thriller film Chup was released today on the big screens, the film is about a killer who is Killing the critics because of their bad and trash ratings of the film, If you have finished watching the film then you must know that the film is very much related to the Guru Dutt’s life. Here we are going to tell you about Guru Dutt’s Death and how he is related to the film Chup.

As mentioned in the film, Guru Dutt’s film Kaagaz Ke Phool was trashed by the critics and later becomes a blockbuster, Dutt lost more than 17 Crores and the film falls flat at the box office and it turned out of the biggest disaster of his career.

Due to the Poor reviews in the response to the film, Dutt went into Depression and he lost track from there, he started taking sleeping Pills and ultimately he died from an overdose of Pills and Liquor on 10th June 1964, As per Police reports the cause of his death is Suicide.

Now coming to the Chup Movie Context, The film is very much related to Dutt’s life, although he died here the Director becomes the Killer after the Critics rated it a Disaster.

This was all about the links between Guru Dutt’s Death, Kaagaz Ke Phool, and the newly released film Chup, have you seen the film?, Please let us know in the comments.



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