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Charlie Chopra Ending Explained: Who Was that Lady In End?

Charlie Chopra Ending Explained: SonyLiv original web series Charlie Chopra & The Mystery of Solang Valley is finally streaming on SonyLiv after so many delays. There are a total of 6 Episodes in the show and just like every second series, The show ends with a few unanswered questions. Here we are going to answer it all

Episode 1 of the show starts in a room where we get to see a group of 7-8 people. A man named Mr. Rai is conducting some ghost-calling activity, and he is calling someone named Mrs. Lady Rose. A few minutes later, a girl named Wasima has a seizure outbreak, and she is mumbling “death” repeatedly. She claims that a man named Mr. Brigadier Rawat is no longer alive.

Colonel, one of Rawat’s friends, goes to his house to check on him. When he arrives there, the servant of Brigadier Hanif is standing outside the door, but Rawat is not opening it. Hanif calls the police, and they break the door. They are shocked to discover that Brigadier has been stabbed by someone, and he is dead.

In the next scene, we are introduced to Charlie Chopra, who is a detective. She receives a call informing her that her fiancé’s killer has been caught by the police because his keys were found at Brigadier’s house, along with evidence pointing to Jimmy as the killer. Jimmy tells his side of the story, claiming he was at Brigadier’s house to lend 25 lakhs to start a business.

Later on, we see an advocate reading the will, and according to it, the property is to be equally distributed among all the family members. Suddenly, a foreign lady arrives and reveals that she is Colonel’s fiancée, and she is also pregnant. She declares that she is going to be the successor to all of Brigadier’s properties, and the episode ends here.

The second episode of the show begins with the cremation of Brigadier, and everyone appears suspicious. The story then goes into a flashback, where we see that Meharban (Brigadier) had introduced Mrs. Morrish to everyone. Hanif tells Charlie that the relationship with Morrish is the main reason behind his death.

Now, we discover another motive for Meharbaan’s killing. Meharban had fired Mrs. Behrucha’s son, who used to work for him, and Mrs. Bahrucha held a grudge against him ever since. In the next scene, we learn about Negi, who was running an Airbnb at Rawat’s house. Rawat and Negi had some business disputes, and Negi owed 5 lakhs to Rawat. Negi died just one day before the deadline, providing another motive for the killing.

Hanif mentions that a shoe is missing from Meharbaan’s house. Meanwhile, Rai reveals on TV that he had predicted the murder a few hours before it happened.

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Now, let’s move to the final episode of the show. Brigadier Rawat was murdered by his close friend, Colonel Barua. He executed the plan intelligently with the help of Janki. First, they controlled Wasima with prolonged medication, and then they planned a fake spiritual event. Barua acted like he was going to meet Rawat on foot but instead took ice skating, which took only 30 minutes to reach there. Afterward, he killed Rawat and waited for Hanif to arrive. When Hanif showed up, he approached from the back door, pretending to have just arrived. Many may wonder why Barua killed Rawat and what role Janki played.

Barua killed Rawat because Rawat was taking everything from him. The skiing club was Barua’s livelihood, but Rawat wanted to take it back, so Barua decided to eliminate him. On the other hand, we discover that Janki had an affair with Rawat when they were young, and her son was actually Rawat’s child. Rawat had been giving her money, but one day, he refused and said he would seek advice from his new girlfriend. This angered Janki, leading her to get involved in the plan.

Now, as for the final ending of the show, many may wonder who the woman in the last moments of the show was. To this, we can say that there was no one, and she was merely imagining it. This ending is open to interpretation, and it’s up to the viewers to come up with their own theories. We believe that there was no one there and that she was hallucinating.

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