Chaman Bahar Review Netflix: Whenever I saw jitu bhaiya in any series and film, my expectation and excitement level raise to infinity, A few days back Netflix released the trailer of Jitendra Kumar starer Chaman Bahar, the film is now streaming on Netflix and here we are going to review it.

The movie stars Jitendra Kumar as Pan shop owner Billu, Ritika Badiani as Rinku, Yogendra Tikku as Ramayan (Jeet Father) and many others, the movie was created long ago but finally released on Netflix on 19th June 2020, as far I know, this was the first movie of Jeetu in Bollywood.( SMZS singed later).

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  • Name Of The Movie – Chaman Bahar
  • Star Cast – Jitendra Kumar
  • Platform – Netflix
  • Release Date – 18th June 2020
  • Duration – 2 hours approx
  • Genre – Romantic, Comedy
  • Rating – 3.8/5
  • Recommended – Yes (Highly)
  • Watching Guide  – Not With Family

The story is about a pan shop owner Billu (Played by Jitendra Kumar), Billu opens shop at terrain area with almost zero customers, one good day a family comes to live in the govt. quarter, that is situated in front of Billu’s shop, Along with the family, a young girl named Rinku ( Rits) also starts living there, and from that day, the business of the billu completely changed.

Majnu’s i.e boys from school and the local town come at the billy shop while following Rinku, this led to sudden increase in business of Billu, but slowly he also falls for the girl and now the same mob is hampering him from getting the girl, he tries to do lot’s of things to keep the boys away from the shop and in doing all these something terrible happens, what happens in the movie, did billy able to say Rinku about his love, to know this you have to watch the full series.


The best best best part of the movie, each and everyone from the movie shines, especially those two Daddy’s in the movie and local leader son’s, everyone has done the mindblowing job, the comic timing is just awesome, the sad part about the movie is, Rits hasn’t spoken a single dialogue in the film, all other characters, whatever their screen time is, they are just awesome, Jitendra Kumar as Billy is just wow, I can’t take my eyes off from those pure and natural expressions.

Screenplay & Editing

The movie is well edited and at very few scenes for few seconds it feels boring, on a whole the screenplay is good, the acting is so pure that, you feel like you are inside the movie, with all funny, emotional and some great English dialogues, the movie is a great combo of everything, the film is shooted at 2-3 locations only, I don’t think makers have spent more the 1 crore in making this film, the film is all about great performances and comic timings.


We are going with 3.8 stars for the movie, the movie is pure gold, just go and watch it, please don’t watch it with your family as there are few abusive words, don’t expect action, romance or anything, Just go as a pure cinema love and you would not be disappointed, the movie is now streaming on Netflix.

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