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Celebrity Episode 10 Explained | Recap & Summary | Netflix

Celebrity Episode 10 Explained: The episode starts with Seo A-Ri giving her statement to Detective Jang Hyun-Soo about what exactly happened that night in the argon club. She said there were drugs in the back room and there was an incident of drug overdose.

The Gabin Society has a meeting over this in the spa and Min-Hye comes up with a plan. Si-Hyeon and Seo A-Ri meet and talk about it. Si-Hyeon asked her why she even did that to which she said she couldn’t live with the guilt of that day and wanted to take it off her chest but she only said what she saw that night inside the room not what happened afterward and didn’t mention Si-Hyeon’s name as respects her and don’t wanna cause any trouble.

Detective Jang Hyun-Soo gets removed from the case and gets a transfer. Tae-Jeon finds out it was Min-Hye who posted online about the club incident. Min-Hye gets a DM from bbbfamous and she plots to get revenge on Seo A-Ri.

bbbfamous puts out another post online that goes viral but this one concerns Seo A-Ri. He leaked most of their chats which have been tampered with to look like she has been bitching about Gabin society. This makes Seo A-Ri very angry and she tries to find bbbfamous She goes to Wang Ro-La to ask if she’s the one doing all this but she denies it. Jun-Kyung stands by her side and tells her he will sort everything out.

Jin Tae-Jeon and Jae-Hun visit Min-Hye. Min-Hye tries to blame Seo A-Ri for everything and asks for forgiveness. Jin Tae-Jeon threatens her and his husband. Jin Tae-Jeon says to forgive her on one condition if she helps him to which she agrees.

Meanwhile, Seo A-Ri’s doing a live stream to give an explanation for the leaked chats. She shares her original chat copy online and says they have been tampered with to look like this. As she was about to reveal the incident of Aragon Club Min-Hye starts a live stream saying that the anonymous post regarding the club incident was posted by her and she blames it all on Seo A-Ri saying she blackmailed her to do this. This creates a major impact and everyone starts hating Seo A-Ri .

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Si-Hyeon meets Jin Tae-Jeon in his office and they talk about the current situation she blames him for putting all this in Seo A-Ri and they have a fight that’s when Han Jun-Kyung gets there and says they will meet in court because he has filed a lawsuit against him for violation of the law of narcotics, manslaughter, perjury, and libel. As says he will testify against him. Then he takes Si-Hyeon and leaves his office.

Meanwhile, Seo A-Ri receives a call from Park Gyeong-Bae. He says all customers are returning products that were sold at the event. She also gets a call from her brother saying police have found the person who was behind her hate account, so she rushes to the police station.

After reaching the station she finds Yoon Jeong-Sun sitting there. This makes her very sad. On the other hand, Han Jun-Kyung was on his way to the police station to give his statement but Jin Tae-Jeon called Hwang Yong-Tae and told him to take care of it. Han Jun-Kyung was waiting on the signal when a truck hit him that’s when this episode ended.



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