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Celebrity Episode 9 Explained | Recap & Summary | Netflix

Celebrity Episode 9 Explained: It’s day 6 of Seo A-Ri’s live stream. The episode begins with introducing us to the mysterious person Wang Ro-La. She wants to become Seo A-Ri’s she’s been following her since the beginning she hates the gabin society and everyone in it so she offers Seo A-Ri her friendship but she rejects it.

Jun-Kyung visits Tae-Jeon’s office and shows him the article about the club incident and warns him to come clean. Tae-Jeon gets offended and they both get into a fight over it. Min-Hye post creates a big tide so Tae-Jeon took it down and has been actively looking for the person who posted it. Min-Hye gets to know of this from Yu-Rang and is very worried.

Tae-Jeon visits the club owner and asks him about the girl. He replied she has been given enough money to keep her mouth shut. Tae-Jeon suspects Seo A-Ri regarding the post. He thinks she posted it.

Seo A-Ri and Gyeong-Bae get to the airport to welcome Zhang Wei. She visits her factory and after taking a tour she asks Seo A-Ri if they could increase the production for the live stream. She was hesitant but Gyeong-Bae agrees to the proposal. Jun-Kyung gets there to welcome Zhang Wei as well.

Si-Hyeon goes home and fights with her husband and asks him for a divorce. Her husband reveals she knew about her relationship with Jun-Kyung and still accepted her. Later she meets with Seo A-Ri and they discuss the article. Si-Hyeon tells her that the man is dead and she will handle everything and she should stay away else she might get in trouble and her business might get affected.

As Seo A-Ri returns to her office she finds her friend Jeong-Sun has been doing a live stream for a mass purchase event for the product she refused to Seung-Hyeok. They both have a fight about it and Jeong-Sun leaves. The next day Seo A-Ri gets ready for the event but Detective Jang Hyun-Soo visits her regarding the use of drugs in the Aragon club and the homicide article. She gets very worked up due to this and has to lie to the detective which makes her feel very guilty.

Later she goes to the event. They begin the livestream and without a few minutes, they sell everything. It was very successful for them. But Seo A-Ri feels guilty about hiding the truth and visits the police station to tell the detective everything that’s when this episode ends.

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