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Causeway Apple Tv Shooting & Filming Location

Causeway Apple Tv Shooting & Filming Location: Causeway is an American psychological thriller and drama film that is streaming on Apple TV+ and follows the story of a US soldier named Lynsey and how she struggles with her daily life with her mother as she is forced to return home from Afghanistan, where she works as a soldier, due to her brain injury, which happened in Afghanistan.

The film explores the relationship and psychological story of Lynsey after she meets a stranger who helps her relieve grief and how she is going to balance her relationship.

Causeway was started after the cast was confirmed by the producers, but initially, the title was not confirmed. In June 2019, they started basic filming in Louisianna with random names. The scene is created when shooting is stopped due to the COVID-19 situation, and due to that, it takes around 1 year for COVID to be normal.

After that, in the summer of 2021, they started proper filming in a Louisiana city named New Orleans with the main cast and crew.

Most of the scene is shot in New Orleans, as it is Lynsey’s hometown in this film, and due to that, most of the scene is set where the production team sets up camp across the city to shoot different scenes that look appropriate for the situation in the film.

The final filming set was near the Mississippi River in Louisiana, which is in the southeastern region, where they shot different aspects of the basic scene. After that, they wrapped up filming on December 30, 2021.



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