Cate Dunlap In Gen V: The Boys is known for changing classic superhero themes, and they also changed Cate Dunlap’s character. The Boys fans were shocked after seeing that the makers didn’t make Cate a bully as every Teen drama does.

Cate becomes one of the favorite characters from Gen V among the fans of “The Boys”. If you want to know who played Cate in Gen V then you are in the right place.

What’s the power of Cate Dunlap?

Cate Dunlap is a new character who is specifically created for the show Gen V. Cate is a popular and very famous student in Godolkin University. She was first introduced as the Girlfriend of Luke aka Golden Boy, and that’s the reason why she was very famous in the university.

I think she will turn out to be a bully who would bully other students. But as the story goes forward we find out that she is not a bully and cares about other people. Cate has the power to give orders to people and no matter what they have to follow her orders.

Who Played Cate Dunlap in Gen V?

Actress Maddie Phillips played the role of Cate Dunlap in The Boys Spin-Off Gen V. She played the lead role in Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters, and was seen on series like Marvel’s Legion, Lucifer, Supernatural, Ghost Wars, and many more.

What’s the Instagram ID of Maddie Phillips?

Maddie Phillips’s Full name is Madelaine Rachel Phillips, and her Age is just 29. Maddie is very private about her life so there isn’t much about her on the internet and also on Instagram, or maybe she deleted those posts. Maddie has 168k followers on Instagram, she posts stories occasionally so her account is active.



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