The Bequeathed Episode 1: The Bequeathed is a South Korean occult horror thriller drama series and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Kang Tae-Kyung. This show follows a woman named Yoon Seo-ha and who finds that her husband is cheating on her and living with her another wife and for more details she also hires a public investigator for this which we see in this article.

In this article, I am going to recap of episode 1 in detail where I cover all the details, plot and ending details of this episode in depth for a better understanding of episode 1 and the story of this show.

Episode 1 of this show begins at night when we see a old man traveling in road and died instantly in road and then, scene shifts to the morning where we see that Yoon Seo-ha is working as a teacher under Professor Kim Chang-seok where she helps him for his first nobel and he gives her a book with a signature.

After that, we see that she hired a public investigator to check about her husband and she finds the her husband is cheating and having affair with another woman and she finds a person call her and tells her that the man which died in begiingi is her uncle and police inform about the death of that person and for funeral she had to meet it.

The Scene shifts to the furnial where she finds that she also has a half-brother for which she didn’t know but he also tell her about the DNA test and more. We see that Detective Choi Sung-jun and Park Sang-min are being assigned to the case where they finds that a bottle has poison inside it and we also finds that the detectives have a previous long history where they are not happy with working together.

Later, we see a flashback scene of Seo-ha when she was a child and her family did not have money for family her mother tries to tell her to get a boyfriend and claims that he must be rich and she reaches out to her mother and he enjoys his life with his son and detective are finding details with along beside anyone and searching for details.

At the end of this episode, we see that Kwang-soo plans to celebrate at a karaoke bar and the cops plan to catch him and able to arrest him we see that they are having dinner with Professor Jim where we see that they have to ride back to home and someone pulls a gun trigger to Jae-seok and he died and leaves the body in the construction site and episode ends.

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This is all the details about episode 1 where I cover all the details along with the plot, ending, and more. Let me know in the comment box that how much you like this show.


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