Captain Miller is an upcoming much-anticipated period action-adventure thriller crime drama movie starring Dhanush in the leading role. The movie has a great buzz among fans in the southern part. However, the movie will not be getting a decent amount of screens in the north due to low buzz in the north.

Here, we’re telling you about the budget of Captain Miller.

Captain Miller is made at the budget of 50 crores, including production cost and printing expenses. The movie is made at a high budget because it is a pan-Indian movie releasing in multiple languages, including Hindi, to capture the Hindi market.

The main reasons behind the high budget are that multiple looks of Dhanush and makeup were required. After that, a high amount of VFX was required for the movie. So, due to that, the final cost comes out as 50 crores.

The movie needs to collect 80-90 crores at the box office to achieve the hit tag. After looking at the buzz, this looks easily achievable for the movie Captain Miller.

This was all about the Captain Miller Movie Budget & Box Office. The buzz of the film is decent and Let’s see what happens next. We will update you with the box office collection also.



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