Hanuman Movie Budget & Box Office: Hanuman is an upcoming fantasy mythological adventure movie that is all set to release in theaters on 12th January 2024 in multiple languages, including Hindi. When the teaser of Hanuman was released, it got an amazing response from everyone. No one can even believe that this movie is made on such a small budget with great VFX.

With Hanuman, director Prashant Varma is starting his own universe. This means the director is making the movie in multiple parts. The final verdict will be out on the release date, and makers will hint for another part in the film only.

Now, we’re telling you about the budget of the movie.

This movie is made at the budget of just 20 crores. This sounds unbelievable that a movie made at the budget of 20 crores with high VFX. This movie is a fantasy film, so VFX was required.

Last year, Adipurush was released with such a high budget, and the VFX was very poor. Now, everyone has high hopes for Hanuman.

Hanuman needs to collect 30-40 crores at the box office to achieve the hit tag at the box office, and after seeing the hype of the movie, we can easily say the movie will achieve the target within 2 weeks. Stay tuned with us for more budget updates.


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